Islamabad, the 9th December,2005.





                        S.R.O.   1211  (I)/2005.- In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (c) of section 21 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of  1969), the Central Board of Revenue is pleased to authorize repayment of whole of customs-duties paid on raw materials used in the manufacture of goods for supply in the earthquake affected areas for relief, re-habilitation and re-construction against international tenders by UNICEF, UNDP,  WHO, WFP, CRC, GOAL, CARE and Euron Aid subject to the following procedure and conditions, namely:-



(a)                 The supplier shall present a Goods Declaration under claim of duty drawback to the Assistant Collector designated for the purpose in the Collectorate in whose jurisdiction the goods are delivered for relief of earthquake along with the following documents, namely:- 


(i)             a copy of the contract duly attested by the agency to whom          goods are to be   supplied;


(ii)         a copy of the invoice duly attested by the Chamber of       Commerce and Industry of the area; and 


(iii)        a certificate from the concerned Chamber of Commerce and Industry in token of confirmation of contracted price;


                        (b)        the Goods Declaration shall be machine-numbered and processed             in the same way as the normal Goods Declaration is machine-     numbered and processed;


                        (c)        goods shall be examined at the premises indicated by the supplier            and samples shall be drawn in the same way as it is done for goods   meant to be exported;


(d)           the receiving agency and designated customs officer of the area    shall certify the fourth copy of the Goods Declaration to the effect         that the goods were received in full with the actual date of receipt;


(e)           the crucial date for the rate of exchange and the rate of duty          drawback shall be the date of filing of the Goods Declaration, in     case the goods are delivered within seven days of its filing,            otherwise it shall be the date of actual delivery of the goods;


(f)             the duty drawback claim shall be filed in the same Collectorate      where the Goods Declaration was filed within one hundred twenty          days of the delivery of goods and the supplier shall, for the       processing of the duty drawback claim, furnish the following          documents, namely:- 


(i)                   a copy of the contract duly certified by the concerned Chamber of Commerce and Industry;


(ii)                 a certificate from the Embassy of the concerned country awarding the contract duly attested by the Federal Relief Commissioner stating the full particulars of consignments supplied for earthquake relief;


(iii)                a certificate from the bank or authorized dealer in foreign exchange stating that the payment was made in foreign currency and the foreign currency so received has been duly surrendered to the State Bank of Pakistan;


(iv)                where the goods are exciseable, the relevant excise application for removal form number and date shall be indicated on the Goods Declaration; and


(v)                  the duty drawback shall be granted in accordance with the rates and conditions laid down in the Notifications No. 784(I)/05, 785(I)/05, 786(I)/05, 787(I)/05 all dated 06.08.2005 issued under the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969).







Chief (Exports)